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Risk Based Capital Rule

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NCUA's final risk based capital rule.

Jan Roche Testimony Before HSBC On EMV Deadline

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Jan Roche, president and CEO of the $1.7-billion State Department FCU in Alexandria, Va., testified October 7 on behalf of NAFCU before a House Small Business Committee hearing on the Oct. 1 EMV deadline. Big Book of Bargains 2015.pdf

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A compilation of special offers, discounts and more for readers.

CUNA Mutual Trends Report July 2015

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CUNA Mutual Trends Report for July 2015

Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report

CUNA System Structure & Governance Task Force Report

NAFCU Comment Letter on NCUA's Proposed MBL Rules

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NAFCU's comment letter on NCUA proposed revisions to MBL rules.

CUNA Mutual Group August Trends Report

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CUNA Mutual Group August Trends Report with data through June, 2015

NAFCU 2014 IRS Form 990

CUNA and Affiliates 2014 IRS 990

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CUNA and Affiliates IRS 990 for 2014 tax year.