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Credit Union Growth Strategies

You know the saying: “Grow or…!” If you can’t complete that sentence, well, we’ll try to remember to send flowers. is dedicated to helping CUs grow by providing a little “mulch” in the form of reporting on successful growth strategies. This section will be a growing depository of such reporting on a variety of topics. Have an idea to share? Drop an email to

FRANKLIN, Tenn.—Should credit unions outsource their data analytics needs to a third party?

HOUSTON—The coming changeover to a new Windows operating system for ATMs is forcing many credit unions to take a hard look at their capital expenditure options this budget season, says Dolphin Debit.

MILWAUKEE—When it comes to design and build decisions for 2019, credit unions will need to be focused on the credit union “experience”–for their members, employees and communities, says La Macchia Group.

MUSKEGO, Wis.–More credit unions will employ portfolio benchmarking in 2019 as a way to improve investment results, says QuantyPhi.

NEW YORK—Credit unions need to start seriously thinking about ways to supplement auto lending before it begins to wane, says LendKey.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.—The human eye is no longer a reasonable defense against cyberthieves, asserts CO-OP Financial Services, which expects many more credit unions next year will invest in artificial intelligence-backed fraud fighting tools.

MADISON, Wis.–If the increasingly competitive battle for talent is demonstrating anything, it’s that career development can no longer be limited to just a credit union’s top executives.