One Big Need ID'd

ORLANDO, Fla.–Executives from small credit unions here were given a reminder and an update on the resources available to them.

During a Small Credit Union Roundtable discussion at CUNA’s Americas Credit Union Conference here, Tom Sakash, manager of CUNA’s Small CU Initiatives, discussed the efforts made to keep smaller credit unions viable and growing.

Boost Small CUs

The Small CU Initiatives include a networking space online in which there are approximately 1,000 users, where advice, ideas, sample policies and more are exchanged. CUNA also produces a monthly email for members offering additional resources.

Another resource available to small CUs is the “Loan Promotion Idea Book,” said Sakash which includes more than five-dozen ideas for promoting and marketing loans. “It’s an amazing resource with a lot of valuable information,” said Sakash.

He said CUNA’s efforts around small CUs includes dipping its toe into in-person meetings, especially around strategic planning.

“We identified that is a big need among small CUs, which may not have the resources to hire a facilitator,” said Sakash. “So, we are giving the skills directly to the leaders of those credit unions.”

The Small CU Initiatives program is hosting two meetings this year, one in Albany, N.Y., the other in Pittsburgh.

Sakash said CUNA is also partnering with state leagues in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota on an event aimed at small CUs.

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