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CHICAGO–Growing pains occur anytime someone starts a new job, but just how long are managers supposed to wait for that new hire to find their groove? And what if they never find it? 

VANCOUVER, B.C.–Didn’t have time to watch the more than 100 TED Talks that were given recently during a TED Conference here, where attendees paid $10,000 to hear the next big ideas? Don’t worry, because one person did so and then summed up many of the presentations judged as best worth watching.

CHICAGO–Credit unions know all too well just how difficult the war for talent is in an extremely tight labor market

GAINESVILLE, Fla.–Most leaders inside credit unions won’t be surprised to learn just how much time they spend at work selling ideas and convincing coworkers and subordinates to take action. In other words, time spent attempting to influence people. 

CHICAGO–Looking to build better relationships with your team? Consider these two strategies, suggests executive coach Anne Sugar.

CHICAGO–Are there signs your credit union’s workplace has become toxic? Sometimes it’s obvious, but other times it’s much more subtle. Here are signs your workplace has indeed become unhealthy, according to Jeff Haden, who offered this list on 

RICHMOND, Va.–Roger Ball, the long-time CEO of Call Federal Credit Union, has announced his retirement–and is sharing a career’s worth of accumulated wisdom with other credit union leaders before he steps down.

CHICAGO–The days when businesses could succeed as innovators without partnering are pretty much gone, according to one executive, who is sharing advice on how to make the most of what he is calling the new “co-economy.”

LAUREL, Mont.–Janice Lehman has spent nearly 40 years in credit unions, and was recently named as Montana Credit Union Professional of the Year by Montana’s Credit Unions.