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HELENA, Mont.–Most people come into credit unions with experience in financial field, and then learn the philosophical underpinnings once on board. For Carin McClain, it was the reverse, having come into CUs from Americorps.

SAN FRANCISCO–Hiring the super-smart doesn’t always mean super-results. It’s critical to understand a company’s DNA from employees’ perspectives. Track records matter. Those observations and others were recently offered by Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., in an interview with the New York Times on his leadership style and lessons learned during his career.

NEW YORK–In 1996, to mark its launch, Fast Company magazine hosted an event at which the discussion was all around how to overthrow established companies. There was, recalled the magazine’s co-founder, much turmoil and turbulence in the market at the time. Now, 21 years later, “It strikes me that everyone is wrestling with the same questions,” observed Bill Taylor,

CHICAGO–It’s a cycle and assumption as old as credit unions themselves: a person joins a credit union perhaps in their youth, then the CU is with them every step of the way as they get an education and enter a career field, make more money and borrow from the CU. It’s all about serving the working class—but what about the “unworking class.”

CHICAGO–“Collaboration” is among the hottest of buzzwords within credit unions, hailed as a key ingredient to collaboration both within credit unions themselves and the community as a whole. But “collaboration creates mediocrity, not excellence, according to science,” Inc. Magazine is reporting.

FOND DU LAC, Wis.–Diversity, internal entrepreneurship, and meeting the needs of Millennial workers have all become popular concepts as this century’s second decade continues. But what do those concepts mean?

DALLAS–One of the few people to ever serve as a league president before becoming a credit union CEO, John Lederer, says that among that he has learned during his career is it’s important in all the planning to also anticipate what “can go right.”