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CHICAGO–In conjunction with the launch of's The Pilot, a joint project with the Filene Research Institute, The Corner highlights a video of the team that is the first to be featured in the Pilot.

CHICAGO–Data. Analytics. Big Data. Big data analytics. It’s impossible any longer to attend a get-together of credit unions and not have analytics come up in some fashion, with the message often that CUs are falling behind. To help make sense of big data, here are three different TED Talks on what it all means.

LAS VEGAS–Leadership consultant and author John Spence addressed CUSOs and credit unions last week as part of NACUSO’s annual meeting, and recommended credit union execs give these three books on culture a try.

NEW YORK–There is a lot of talk about leadership, including in’s The Corner, but perhaps there is even more than you thought.

DES MOINES, Iowa–A supportive grandfather who was an early advocate has helped shape the career of Shazia Manus, CEO of TMG. That has led to a career in which Manus has also worked to be an advocate for others. Below, Ms. Manus shares her thoughts, insights and experiences on management and leadership as part of’s The Corner.

This week features Leap Day. As we are all given an extra day every leap year, Marianne Danielson realized that she could use it for something special.