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CHICAGO–Why are some people such effective game changers? There is actually science behind what makes those people as successful as they are, according to one person.

NEW YORK CITY–Shake Shack has exploded as one of the most popular of fast casual restaurants in the company, in large part because of a focus on employing great people, not just offering great food. It offers some lessons for credit unions when it comes to hiring.

CHICAGO–How can credit unions, CUSOs and other companies do a better job of empowering women both at work and in society overall? One person is offering three strategies to consider.

MODESTO, Calif.–After 39 years in credit unions, Hank Barrett, CEO of the $620-million Valley First Credit Union, is retiring May 20. In this Exit Interview, Barrett shares thoughts and lessons from his career, as well as concerns over what might lie ahead for credit unions.. 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–In 2006, after overcoming skeptics and regulators, Anne Wojcicki co-founded 23andMe, and managed to raise $786 million.

CHICAGO–How a project is managed is almost always the key to whether that project actually succeeds. To create that success, David Andersen is offering a three-step process for ensuring projects run smoothly.

CHICAGO–There are five things that exceptional employees love to do, and that toxic employees hate, according to one person who has shared his thoughts on the practice of “leading up.”

CHICAGO–How can you start strong (or get restarted) with social media marketing? Many credit unions use social media, with some much better than others, while other CUs do not actively dip their toes in social media.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–Looking to be a little less dumb at work—and also a little less oblivious to where you’re, for lack of a better word, “stupid.”

CHICAGO–Tired of being interrupted? One person urges the adoption of three practices that should allow you more uninterrupted time to get your work done.