4 Tips For Improving Organizations

CHICAGO–Your credit union no doubt has a plan in place to drive growth—but it’s all in vain if you don’t have the capacity to implement the strategies, according to one expert who shares four steps to help avoid that challenge.

Paul Keijzer, CEO and founder of Engage Consulting and co-founder of The Talent Games, addressed the point in a piece titled “How to Build Capacity to Succeed During Exponential Times.” 

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“Does your organization really have the capacity to achieve your vision?” he asked. “Is there depth in your leadership team to see your vision come to life?”

Keijzer offers these four tips for creating that capacity.

Recruiting and Retaining A-Players

The capacity to deliver hinges on your ability to recruit, develop and retain A-players, according to Keijzer.

“Take Netflix’s success story for example,” he wrote. “A large part of it can be traced back to the culture they have developed and their talent philosophy.”
He noted Netflix only hires people who share these characteristics:

  • Self-motivating
  • Self-aware
  • Self-disciplined
  • Self-improving
  • Those who act like a leader
  • Those who don’t wait to be told what to do
  • Those who pick up the trash lying on the floor

“Netflix believes that responsible people thrive on freedom making them more creative,” the company said. “They are also able to respond and adapt faster to changing situations.”

Picking the Right Line Managers

Line managers collectively have the largest impact on the performance of the organization, Keijzer observed.

“The better your line managers are selected, trained and guided the greater the performance of their subordinates. The difficulty of course is that every company has many line managers each with their individual styles, preferences and habits.”

He said success depends on leaders’ abilities to get line managers to consistently display the following behaviors:

Grow People

  • Demonstrate a credible commitment to an individual’s development
  • Leverages employee “fit” and get the best out of each individual
  • Provide fair and accurate informal feedback and emphasize employee strengths in performance reviews

Drive Performance

  • Put people in the right job at the right time
  • Clarify performance expectations and hold people accountable
  • Connect employees with the organization and its success
  • Provide solutions for day-to-day challenges

Build Teams

  • Commit to diversity and team building where trust, honesty and integrity are the main characteristics
  • Recognize people daily
  • Help team members to build a high quality network of colleagues 


One important component required to deliver on a credit union’s or CUSO’s organization’s aspirations is the availability of resources, said Keijzer .

“This includes financial resources…IT systems and offices as well as the infinite availability of information and the ability of a company to share it across the organization,” he wrote. “Organizational knowledge in my experience is the least valued asset of any company, even though it should be the highest. An organization should be able to capture knowledge and share it with whoever needs it.”


Sports provides ample opportunities to highlight the importance of collaboration and the power of teams, said Keijzer.

“Of course, sports analogies do not always translate well into an organization, and in my experience,  silo’s still rule the workplace,” he wrote. “Physical work distance is a scientifically proven barrier to collaboration and  common agendas, personal relations, ability to deal with conflict, to hold each other accountable and to ‘take one’ for the team are all components in strengthening teams and collaboration,” said Keijzer. “With an inspiring vision, clear strategy and capacity within the organization, your company will most likely churn out reasonable results. However, the magic to transform your company into a high-performer is still missing. That final ingredient is Commitment, the desire to achieve the impossible. Add this final ingredient to the mix and you’ll have built a company that can truly grow exponentially.”

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