5 Leadership Principles to Consider

CHICAGO–Why do people you manage follow you? It’s a question that needs to be asked often, and it’s a question Jorge Barba, the CEO of The Big Bang Group  who describes himself as an “innovation insurgent,” said he often asks himself.

Writing on GameChanger.com, Barba said he has settled on five leadership principles for anyone leading others.

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The five are: 

Challenge and Inspire People to be Great

“Successful leaders challenge people to do things they’ve never done before. They put forth challenges that inspires people’s hearts; call it vision with a purpose.”

Bring Meaning to the Mundane

“Successful leaders give meaning to day-to-day activities. At (an early job with) FedEx Ground, I reframed my job to give it a purpose bigger than just loading boxes, which everyone took notice off. And soon after I got others to buy-in by helping them understand how what they did was key to getting a package safely and on time to its destination. Purpose gives menial tasks meaning.”

Bring Clarity to Those You Work With

“This is one of the foundational things leaders do every day, every minute. In order to bring clarity, you’ve got to synthesize the complex. Leaders take internal and external noise and synthesize a message from it, recognizing the true signal within a lot of noise. Leaders understand that clarity enables boldness.”

Generate Energy

“Leaders generate energy, not only on their own teams but across the company. It’s insufficient to focus exclusively on your own unit. Leaders need to inspire optimism, creativity, shared commitment, and growth through times good and bad. They create an environment where everyone can do his or her best work. And they build organizations and teams that are stronger tomorrow than today.”

Make Things Happen

“Leaders are the champions of overcoming constraints. They find a way to deliver success, to make things happen. This means driving innovative ideas that people love and are inspired to work on; finding balance between long-term success and short-term wins; and being boundary-less and globally minded in seeking solutions.”

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