Margaret J. Blankers Public Relations Group

Since 2002, MJB PR Group has helped credit unions  and industry business partners tell their stories to members/clients, the media and other publics. A leading PR/communications firm in the credit union community with 45 years’ combined industry expertise, we’ve proven ourselves in:

Media building positive relationships with editors and reporters on your behalf and staying on top of industry issues. We help clients gain “earned media” through opinion pieces, feature story ideas, case studies and newsworthy releases.

Image Development – conducting image audits to help close the gap between your company’s image (what it projects) and your reputation (what audiences perceive). Understanding how clients and others see your organization informs our efforts to enhance your good name.

Issues and Crises – preparing crisis communication plans for effective message development and delivery. Clients turn to us when facing financial problems, departure of senior executives, and issues like security breaches, embezzlements or earnings losses. 

Margaret J. Blankers Public Relations Group