Member communications and touch points are a crucial element of not only maintaining your existing member base, but growing it as well. Our solutions are aimed at assisting Credit Unions in streamlining internal processes as well as strengthening member relationships. Furthermore, the hallmark of who we are and what we do is the relationship between our organization and the credit union. Accountability, responsiveness and world class customer support define how we do business.

Our services help Credit Unions in four major areas: Marketing, Security, Operations & Accountability 

Marketing: Our marketing services allow Credit Unions to promote additional products and services to current members using space on existing member communications. Member friendly statements and eStatements are a huge part of this – and we know statement and design industry best practices to help inspire and motivate your members to take action. 

We help you segment your member database, create compelling ads, consult on which delivery channel is best to use (print, email, or mobile) and deploy to your members. We become your marketing and communication engine, allowing you to communicate with your members based on that member’s unique individual preferences. New members can also be cultivated through our advanced data mining techniques and list procurement algorithms. 

Data Security: Our process secures member data and will virtually eliminate the Credit Union’s risk to exposing member data. The enhanced security tools we use are not just built around data breach notifications – they are built around prevention of a data breach ever happening giving you full control of your data files at all times. 

Operations: Credit Union operations teams love us because our advanced automation tools help streamline their workflow and reduce administrative headaches. Run from any internet browser with no software to download or install, your team can easily view individual member communication preferences, a history of member statements, proofing for jobs, and manage all of your marketing campaigns from a single location. 

Accountability: In a world of excuses, we are accountable for our actions. We know the communications we prepare and send for you are the lifeblood of your organization. Our in house Quality Control team triple checks everything and is responsible for each communication going out accurately and on time. Being accountable for our actions is a hallmark of doing business. 

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