irtual StrongBox is known for protecting financial data the “financial institution way” and provides credit unions a host of automated file exchange and file storage services. With patented “encrypted-at-rest” document storage, secure forms, push & pull file exchange and e-signature capabilities, Virtual StrongBox stands alone in helping financial institutions automate processes, reduce manual intervention, enhance client services and offer significant cost reductions.

A few examples of how the Virtual StrongBox platform is being utilized today include; collecting business/consumer lending documents from members and non-members; collecting documents in online account opening processes; a secure board portal; an online consumer/business safety deposit box and eReceipt Notification and Storage.

Today 260 clients serving more than 3.5 million consumers and business owners have access to Virtual StrongBox. With that access opened, our clients are finding new ways to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs.

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Virtual StrongBox