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WASHINGTON—New home sales increased 4.5% from February's downwardly revised 662,000 annualized units to 692,000 units in March – a 16-month high, Census Bureau data show.

SAN DIEGO–An Underground Collision meeting was held here that for the first time focused on CU business partners and, specifically, CUSOs.  According to Mitchell Stankovic, which organizes and hosts the Underground Collision discussions, the meeting walked the fine line between challenges and opportunities for CUSOs and credit unions.

WASHINGTON–The credit union trade groups believe a new Trump Administration memo requiring  independent federal agencies such as NCUA to submit any rules or guidance for review ahead of approval of Congress could be a good thing, although there are concerns over the potential effect on the agency’s ongoing independence.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) jumped 5.5 points in March to 89.8, reversing last month’s slight decline and reaching its highest point since June 2018, according to Fannie Mae.