THE 'tude

It is time that we remember who we are as credit unions and what we stand for.   It is time to revisit our core principles and value and advocate how credit unions have made America and Americans financially stronger.  It is time to stop apologizing for our desire to grow credit unions and give more people the opportunity to join credit unions.

Mention the word “payments” to credit unions and the response isn’t a whole lot different from what happens when you use the word “walk” within hearing range of your dog; lots of jumping up and down and tail wagging  and sheer-out-of-its-mind-even-though-we-did-this-a-few-hours-ago excitement, but in this case over mobile devices and digital wallets and Apple Pay.

One of the roadblocks we often see with credit unions is that they do not have quality data that is necessary for the analysis process.  The key is to incorporate data management strategies that ensure a credit union has quality data for analysis

The easiest and quickest source of credit for the poorest households in the 19th and early 20th century was the pawnshop.  An article of clothing or some other object could be pawned for cash and later redeemed.

In 2012, Whitefish Credit Union decided to take a slightly different approach to connect with area high school students by starting a Junior Board of Directors.