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NAFCU Chair and SRP Federal Credit Union President and CEO Ed Templeton recently testified before the Senate Banking Committee on regulatory relief for credit unions. He said while NAFCU and its member credit unions take safety and soundness extremely seriously, the regulatory pendulum post-crisis has swung too far towards an environment of overregulation that threatens to stifle economic growth– an especially fitting characterization of NCUA’s second risk-based capital proposal.

Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric had an interesting philosophy regarding employees.  He believed that each year you should take the lowest 10% of the performers in the organization and replace them.  He thought this strategy would bring the highest performers to GE, while weeding out the weaker ones

The successful initial public offerings of Lending Club and OnDeck continue to reinforce the adoption, scale and economic viability of online lending platforms.

What’s that they say about what’s old being new again? Get ready!, which has grown into the number-one digital source of news, analysis, opinion and whatever “The Spin” is, is celebrating six months of extraordinary growth and online traffic by…publishing a print issue.

The NCUA’s revised Risk-Based Capital rule is dominating the news. While many are rightly focused on this particular rule and its perceived and actual shortcomings, the swell in attention also presents an opportunity to look at the larger picture of regulation and our examining bodies.

To remain competitive, credit unions must have an ever-evolving strategic plan that delivers greater member value across an increasing number of channels. To achieve this goal, several areas must be addressed: enhancing current efficiencies, meeting compliance demands and “keeping up with the Joneses” to make sure other financial institutions vying for your members do not make them their customers.

In the current service-centric world, where damage to your credit union’s reputation may be only a tweet or a Facebook post away, are you doing everything possible to ensure member satisfaction in the lobby?  Do you actively work to reduce lobby abandonment rates―and work with members to minimize the damage?

We marketers love to shout messages from the rooftop. Our main job is to break through clutter, and say, “Hear me, hear me!” But one of the easiest pitfalls is shouting the same message to the masses without considering the diversity of eyes, ears, and brains receiving it.

In a first, NCUA will video “live-stream” its first-ever board meeting this week on Thursday. 

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a real, live NCUA board meeting with the electrifying entertainment that comes with a “I second the motion,” the merriment inherent in a PowerPoint presentation on the NCUSIF’s reserve ratio, or the Katy-Perry-Super-Bowl-Dancing-Sharks-like excitement of watching one of the board members’ assistants whisper into their ears, well… Don’t let me ruin it for you. But be prepared to learn why “live-stream” can be one misleading description.