THE vids

We've created a credit union video portal to showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly of credit union commercials. You be the judge!

Black Hills FCU

Black Hills FCU promotes itself.

Family Trust Credit Union

Family Trust CU promotes auto loans


MSU FCU promotes its credit card.

Visions FCU

Visions FCU promotes savings products. 

Police Credit Union

Police Credit Union in Australia says it's time to stop driving that lemon.

Wayne Westland FCU

Wayne Westland FCU talks dreams

C Plant FCU

C Plant FCU says 'We're in this together.'

Niagara Regional FCU

Niagara Regional FCU promotes branch opening.

Wings Financial Credit Union

Wings Financial talks card rewards.

Premier America Credit Union 'No Hoops'

Premier America CU advertises there are 'no hoops' to jump through to join.